The mortgage industry has arrived at an intersection in its evolution to automation. Much of the investments and innovations over the past several years have resulted in substantial progress on the front and back ends of the origination process - focused on borrower online experience and closing.

With the proliferation of portals, B2C websites, and mobile apps on the front-end of the origination process, it has become relatively easy to find and apply for a mortgage. Similarly, the rapid adoption of electronic signing, closing, and notary technology solutions has automated the backend of the origination process.

However, the bulk of the time and expense in the origination process is in the “middle office”, i.e. processing and underwriting. This critical aspect of the mortgage process has seen very little impactful automation options. This has led to lenders adopting the “find a problem for the solutions available” approach (think OCR, machine learning, artificial intelligence, block chain). This hodgepodge approach has left the lenders with a broken and disjointed borrower experience, inefficient processes, and poor ROI on these initiatives.

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Indecomm’s automation solutions have been carefully designed with the “Automation Continuum” in mind across the entire mortgage lifecycle with pragmatic applications.

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Robotic Process Automation

  • Non-judgment oriented
  • High volume
  • Repeatable
  • Attended and unattended automation

Intelligent Automation

  • Judgment oriented
  • Decision Management needs
  • Complex calculations
  • Multiple validations and subjective outcomes
  • Straight-through processing

Supervised Automation

  • Ongoing training of machine learning algorithms and engines
  • Non-digital forms of input sources (papers and unstructured documents)
  • Exception-handling and fallouts from any automation effort
  • Processes requiring end-customer action to disposition
  • High-touch, High-value transaction

Machine Learning

  • Text and image based recognition
  • Algorithms enabling predictive decisions
  • Prediction and cognitive models

Innovation for the Middle Office:
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