Business Health Check

Automated comparison of business current income stream to historical tax return data


When assessing the creditworthiness of self-employed loan applicants, mortgage lenders must ascertain whether borrowers’ income is stable. The financial impacts of COVID-19 on small businesses and households in the United States only underscores the importance of this assessment, which has traditionally been a manual and subjective process. With the newly released Business Health Check solution, mortgage lenders gain access to intuitive analytics, trends, inferences, and red flags on self-employed borrowers’ income.

Indecomm has partnered with ability-to-pay fintech FormFree® to introduce Business Health Check, an automated analysis of self-employed loan applicants’ current business income and expense streams that helps mortgage lenders make better-informed loan qualification and underwriting decisions.

Calculated using Indecomm’s IncomeGenius® and validated against business bank account information via FormFree’s AccountChek®, Business Health Check provides mortgage lenders with a uniform, document-free approach that encourages consistency while reducing risk and delivering key insights.


  • Obtain business bank account information when the borrower provides an unaudited profit and loss statement.
  • Be confident in decision making by adding the current trends of the business income.
  • Have confidence in loan delivery and portfolio performance.
  • Maintain consistency and reduce risk.

IncomeGenius uses the recent deposit and withdrawal information to trend income and compare to cash flow from the tax returns.


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