HMDA Management

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Minimize your compliance risk with a solid implementation plan for meeting the HMDA reporting requirements. As an extension of your mortgage risk management and quality control team, Indecomm can help you accurately and efficiently collect and report data, so compliance is not so arduous and time-consuming. And, our tools and resources will help you stay current when the requirements change. Choose from among three options for HMDA management, including:

HMDA Management

Minimize Compliance Risk:
Indecomm’s HMDA Management

HMDA Decision Maker

Option A: HMDA DecisionMaker™ with Policy Manual for do-it-yourself review.

Use our MS Excel-based HMDA Decision Maker tool in conjunction with a turnkey or custom HMDA Policy Manual to review your data and prepare it for submission to the CFPB on your own.

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Option B: Use our AuditGenius™ with HMDA Review to submit your data.

Using our proprietary AuditGenius™ platform, we have automated large portions of the HMDA data process and augmented it with a streamlined outsourcing solution. AuditGenius™ is a SaaS solution for your company to leverage to perform HMDA compliance on your own. Schedule a Demo

HMDA Management - Option-C

Option C: Let Indecomm manage HMDA Compliance and Submission for you.

Leverage the Indecomm team to handle your company’s HMDA compliance and data submission in a complete turnkey fashion – saving time, labor, and resources. It also cleans up roadblocks and creates accurate reporting through the customized vendor process. Schedule a Consultation


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