InteleDoc Direct

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InteleDoc Direct


Digitally enable the last mile of your closing process with Indecomm’s InteleDocDirect. With the availability of e-Closing solutions covering e-Sign, Remote Online Notarization, Remote Ink-signed notarization and electronic vaults, the last mile of the closing process i.e., recording and tracking for compliance need not be manual and disjointed. Using InteleDocDirect, automate both electronic and manual recording with our proprietary solution.

Manually recording and tracking real estate documents can be an arduous and expensive process, especially when the volume is high, and several jurisdictions are involved. Additionally, delays in filing can result in lost business.

Indecomm InteleDoc Direct streamlines this process to improve efficiency, accuracy, compliance, and document security for title companies, closing agents, lenders, and attorneys. Through our automation solution and additional process improvements for mail-away documents, you free up the resources currently dedicated to recording and tracking functions.

We work with you to leverage the comprehensive knowledge base and the power of this platform to fit your company’s unique processes. You have real-time access to recording information, file status, and images for all documents recorded.

InteleDoc Direct

Increase Recording Throughput:
Indecomm’s InteleDoc Direct


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