Closing Quality Control Auditor (PCQC)

Location: US-based - Remote

Open Position(s):  1

Job Description:

The PCQC Auditor performs quality control reviews on conventional and government loan production in accordance with the requirements of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Housing and Urban Development, the Veterans Administration, the USDA, and private investors. Additionally, the PCQC Auditor will examine loans for federal compliance disclosures.

Key Responsibility Areas

    • Audit loan file in compliance with agency or private investor guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to eligibility, calculation and analysis and documentation of income, assets, liabilities and borrower and mortgage program eligibility.
    • Perform data integrity check of Automated Underwriting System.
    • Perform desk review of appraisal for data, validity of comparable, value conclusion, and if repairs were required to meet safety and soundness requirements.
    • Identify and review results of required reverification documentation.
    • Review and identify fraud red flags for elevation to fraud department.
    • Perform federal compliance audit including, but not limited to initial disclosures, RESPA, TILA, MDIA, ECOA, Patriot Act, Flood Act, and Fact Act.
    • Accurate input of all loan information utilizing Kaizan system for quality control audit.
    • Respond to Internal Quality Assurance feedback and other reporting functions, as instructed.
    • Auditor may be asked to perform the following review types: State Compliance, HECM, Pre-funding, HELOC/Second Mortgages, Adverse Action, and/or Fraud Investigations.
    • Other tasks and assignments as assigned.

Must Have

    • Generally a minimum of 5-10 years underwriting experience in the mortgage industry.
    • Strong written communication skills.
    • Direct Endorsement Certificate is a plus.
    • Compliance experience is a plus.
    • Strong organizational skills are a must.
    • In-depth knowledge of Company’s QC systems (typically learned on the job).
    • Basic knowledge of internal workflows and procedures specific to the department, and organizations infrastructure (typically learned on the job)
    • Basic/advanced knowledge of mortgage documents, formats, and procedures guidelines, for the USA.
    • Command of the English language (both verbal and written), to include proper grammar and punctuation.
    • Basic math aptitude, and cognitive of Company’s budgeted guidelines.
    • Microsoft Office (i.e., Word, Excel, and Outlook), internet research; and specialized in-house software: Recording , and Inteledoc Direct (typically learned on the job).
    • Must have High school Diploma or GED.
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