Mailroom Specialist

Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota

Open Position(s):  1

Job Description:

A mailroom specialist is responsible for performing all incoming and outgoing functions of the mailroom for the company. They must sort and open incoming mail, enter data information into the computer system, prep documents and scan them, and ship out all outgoing mail.

Key Responsibility Areas

Must Have

    • Stamina: Mailroom specialist spends half of their day on their feet and the other half sitting down. Looking for a high energy person to perform the scanning process which involves being on their feet and moving all day.
    • Organizational skills: There are many different tasks and it is important to put documents in the correct place depending on the task that is being performed. All tasks need to be performed in an accurate & neat way.
    • Communication: It is important to be able to communicate efficiently electronically & verbally. Mailroom specialists work with their own team and other departments so proper communication is critical.
    • Dexterity: Mailroom specialists need to work fast and meet production goals daily.
    • Computer Operating Skills: Mailroom specialists need to be able to use email and data entry experience. They should be Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word proficient.
    • Ability to work under pressure: Mailroom specialists need to be able to meet deadlines daily.
    • Multitasking: Mailroom specialists should be able to perform multiple tasks at once and complete them with no errors.
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