Trainee RPA Engineer

Location: Bangalore

Open Position(s):  1

Job Description:

  • He will usually begin his career by performing small programming jobs, working under the close supervision of a RPA developer or lead programmer.
  • He / She must possess knowledge in any one programming language.
  • He / She should be committed to the job, enthusiastic to learn, hardworking and responsible in everything, but especially with your own safety and the safety of others.
  • He / She must be able to organize your time efficiently, identify project goals and plan to achieve them.

Key Responsibility Areas

    • To carry out any work as required by the company.
    • To cultivate and maintain a professional image at all times.
    • Behave in a professional manner.
    • Have a positive and good attitude towards the company providing the training; to all levels of its staff, to their colleagues, and to their ‘work’.
    • Be part of the productive process within the framework of being trained.
    • Use their intellectual and analytical abilities to further their development in the engineering profession.
    • Identify how they can complement their formal training by self-help.
    • Help develop their initiative and their innovative skills.
    • Be able to retrieve and use relevant information.
    • Use their diagnostic skills to identify problems and offer possible solutions.
    • To develop a natural inquisitive sense and ‘question’ ‘why’ and ‘how’ things are done, with the aim of improving procedures and thus productivity.

Must Have

    • RPA knowledge
    • Good communication skill.
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