Loan Lifecycle Management

Outsourcing solutions for each step of your lending process


Whether you’re looking to increase bandwidth by managing the lending process more efficiently, or you need experienced mortgage professionals who can step in to handle each step of the process from start to finish, Indecomm has the resources to help.

Each engagement begins with in-depth discussions regarding your needs and operations. Based on that dialogue we develop a plan that aligns with your goals and objectives. We partner with you to implement best practices and improve workflows that increase your efficiency, enhance service levels, and provide greater financial flexibility. Regular reporting provides transparency and ongoing feedback, so you always know how your loans are progressing, and can make continued improvements to increase your success.

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New Loan Set-Up

Indecomm’s New Loan Set Up solution allows our partners to gain efficiency and reduce time to closing by ensuring that the loan file being submitted to processing is stacked/indexed and contains all critical submission documents. This service can also include the ordering of all third-party required documents.

  • Stacking/Indexing of loan file
  • Review submission file completeness
  • Client notifications for missing documents


Indecomm’s Pre-Processing Support solution gives your processing team needed support by using our skilled pre-processing team to handle set-up tasks. By delegating these administrative tasks to us, your processing teams can increase capacity and reduce their application to closing timeline.

  • Review for all required point of sale documents
  • Missing document notifications
  • Stack/Index documents in the imaging platform
  • Update data in LOS
  • Process/Order third party documents


Indecomm’s outsourced mortgage services for Processing Support allows you to scale processing capacity to better manage business growth while maintaining service level standards. Indecomm is SAFE Act compliant and can provide processing support in states where licensed.

  • Loan File Review of POS Documents
    • Follow up for missing documents
  • LOS Support Functions
    • Review and validate loan file data
    • Update LOS data when applicable
    • Assign documents to conditions
    • Assign loan for initial underwriting review and input data
    • Once all prior to docs (PTD) conditions have been met, input cleared to close date in LOS
    • Upload conditions and assign for review
    • Input loan submission date for final underwriting review
    • Submit file to closing
  • Borrower Notifications and Follow Up
    • Welcome call
    • Initial underwriting review
    • Loan approval
    • Request any needed conditions from borrower
    • Follow up with borrower to obtain open conditions
    • Final call out to borrower


Indecomm’s outsourced mortgage services for Underwriting Support helps you scale underwriting capacity to better manage business growth while maintaining service level standards. Indecomm is SAFE Act compliant and can provide underwriting support in states where licensed. We provide coverage for all US time zones to more effectively serve your needs.

Indecomm can support underwriting of the following products/programs:

  • Conventional (Fannie/Freddie)
  • Jumbo
  • Portfolio

Closing Support

Indecomm’s Closing Support solution allows helps you scale closing capacity to better manage business growth while maintaining service level standards. Our teams can provide US Day and Night shifts to support coverage for all US time zones and reduce closing turn times.

Indecomm can support closings for all products/programs:

  • Closing Disclosure preparation and e-delivery to borrowers
  • Confirming borrower acknowledgement of receiving the Closing Disclosure
  • Validation of fees with the closing agent
  • Review of documents for the completion of the closing process.
    • Ensure any fee changes are within tolerance limits
    • Work with parties to make any necessary changes to ensure compliance
  • Establish document date based on final Closing Disclosure acknowledgement
  • Create and deliver closing documents to closing agent

Initial Disclosure

Indecomm’s Initial Disclosure services help you meet required disclosure timelines. Our teams can provide US Day and Night shifts to support coverage for all US time zones and reduce disclosure delivery time. This solution can also include the re-disclosures process.

  • Loan File Review for
    • Credit Report
    • Fee Sheet
    • SSPL
    • 1003
    • Borrower Authorization
  • Missing Document Notifications
  • Data Entry in Client LOS
  • Loan Estimate Accuracy Review
  • Disclosure Package Generation and Delivery to Borrower

Collateral Review

Indecomm’s Collateral Review services gives you the confidence that your appraisals are properly supported and compliant, meet agency and investor requirements and at the same time increase underwriter production and efficiency. Our licensed/certified appraisers (VA/FHA approved) seek resolution to the appraisal shortcomings from the AMC/Appraisers so you receive an accurate/compliant final report for delivery to the agencies and/or investors. Our goal is to help your organization increase productivity and profitability, while reducing collateral oriented concerns.

  • Licensed/Certified appraisers ensure quality
  • Proactive resolution for appraisal issues
  • Customized checklists
  • Scorecards and quality analysis

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