Loan Origination Sales Tactics

Take your business to the next level without leaving the office.

The Loan Origination Sales Tactics course is part of Indecomm’s Business Builder Webinar Series. Learn mortgage loan origination and sales marketing tactics that you can use right away to generate new business into your pipeline. Conveniently participate online to gain tactical skills to market your personal brand, better navigate social media, and build business relationships for referrals.

With this Indecomm Mortgage Learning course, you stay in the comfort of your office to gain the skills and knowledge you need to grow your business and your personal brand. In this Business Builder Webinar Training Series, you’ll join our expert instructors and industry peers for four 90-minute sessions spread over four consecutive days or once a week for four weeks. In each interactive session, you’ll have the opportunity to participate, ask questions, and share information.

Read on to learn more about the series, including learning goals, instructors, session dates. To Register, contact .

Target Audience

This course is designed for new and sophomore mortgage loan originators who want to build their business and learn about the critical components that impact their growth strategy. Seasoned loan originators are also encouraged to attend and learn new strategies and gather ideas to add to their existing toolkit.

Learning Goals

When you attend the Business Builder: Loan Origination Sales Tactics Course, you will be primed to:

  • Discuss and identify critical impacts in today's mortgage origination market
  • Explore capital markets and identify strategies for pipeline management
  • Identify critical compliance impacts for loan originators and share tools for mitigating mortgage compliance risk
  • Analyze key components of borrower qualification and obtain tools and resources to address challenges including:
    • Non-traditional income (schedule, rental, commission, etc.)
    • Guiding borrowers on building complete credit packages
  • Apply key strategies to overcome common hurdles in the loan origination process
  • Implement strategies to address issues including:
    • Low appraisals
    • Pricing challenges
    • Credit and seasoning challenges
  • Acquiring tangible resources to grow and build your client and referral bases
  • Identify technology resources to create efficiencies and grow your profile in the marketspace

Course Benefits

Boost your brand and your pipeline with the Business Builder: Loan Origination Sales Tactics Course. Benefits include:

  • Instruction led by knowledgeable industry experts
  • Cost-effective training with no travel expenses
  • Convenient training format to fit your schedule
    • Four 90-minute sessions
    • Daily or weekly format
  • Increased productivity with no time away from the office
  • Focused learning with real-world examples and applications
  • Delivered via interactive WebEx Training Center
  • Live discussion via online chat
  • Access to webinar recordings, presentations, related materials, and other valuable resources in Indecomm’s Learning Management System
  • Enhanced training with complimentary access to “TRID for Loan Officers“ eLearning course, a $49 value

Course Agenda

Loan Origination Sales Tactics Webinar Training Course Agenda

    Session 1 - Topics
  • Kick-Off
  • State of the Industry
  • Compliance in Motion
  • Questions & Answers
    Session 2 - Topics
  • Pre-Qualifying & Pre-Approval
  • Disclosures & Timing
  • Product Selection & Borrower Scenarios
  • Qualifying the Borrower
  • Questions & Answers
    Session 3 - Topics
  • Navigating Pitfalls & Challenges
  • Idea Slam with Industry Leaders
  • Questions & Answers
    Session 4 -Topics
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Technology
  • Questions & Answers
  • Wrap-Up

Course Instructors

Learn from these industry experts at Business Builder Loan Origination Sales Tactics Course:

Sue Woodard
Sue Woodard
Chief Customer Officer
Total Expert

Sue Woodard was president and CEO of Vantage Production prior to joining Total Expert. She has more than 25 years’ experience in the mortgage industry, including originations, management, and mortgage technology. Sue is renowned in the industry as a speaker, subject matter expert, and thought leader. She has won numerous mortgage industry awards and honors, including the Mortgage Professional America HOT 100 list for 2017, the 2016 Housing Wire Vanguard Award, and the 2016 National Mortgage Professional Most Innovative Award.

Joy Gilpin
Joy K. Gilpin
Vice President of Mortgage Learning and Compliance
Indecomm Global Services

Joy Gilpin brings to the table a keen understanding of the lending process, regulatory oversight, and risk mitigation. Prior to joining Indecomm, Joy was Director of Business Writing and Education for Ellie Mae, supporting the AllRegs product offering. She built the Business Writing team and has a long history of advocating for compliance and efficiency in the mortgage lending space. With nearly 20 years of professional expertise in the lending arena, she provides great insight and understanding of the challenges lenders face today and brings tremendous energy and enthusiasm to the table, making her a highly effective educator and leader.


Registration is $299 per person and includes:

  • Four webinar sessions
  • Access to session recordings and materials
  • Complimentary registration to “TRID for Loan Officers“ eLearning course ($49 value)
  • Group discounts available for 5 or more

To learn about group discounts, email

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