Supervised Automation


Robotic Process Automation addresses the repeatable and non-judgment oriented tasks and Intelligent Automation addresses the complex automation scenarios. However, because of all the variations involved, the automation technologies throw up exceptions. That is where human supervision is required to deal with these exceptions and to train the underlying machine learning engines and algorithms. Our Supervised Automation approach ensures continuous improvement and smooth performance of the automation solutions.

supervised auto
Supervised automation

Solve Exceptions for Continuous Improvement:
Indecomm’s Supervised Automation

For example, our AuditGenius™ solution utilizes an integrated approach to decisioning, powered by machine learning and supervised automation. We can take unstructured documents, checklists, guidelines, and business rules, along with the countless multiple loan audits and reviews and create one single source of the truth using our supervised automation approach. Your company will benefit from lower origination costs, create new review opportunities, and a time-to-market advantage with straight through processing using supervised automation.

Supervised Automation


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