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Welcome to Indecomm

Modernizing the mortgage loan lifecycle

Behind every happy borrower experience is an automated, connected mortgage operation. That’s what Indecomm delivers.

Decades of experience, tens of millions of data points, mortgage automation
Indecomm geniusworks


A genius combination of human and automated intelligence

We provide the best of both worlds to our clients: experience you can trust and innovation that gives you a head-start on tomorrow. With decades of mortgage industry experience and tens of millions of data points in our back pocket, we understand –and modernize– every piece of the loan lifecycle. By pairing leading-edge mortgage automation products with experienced talent, we’ve created a streamlined solution for back-office mortgage operations, so you can focus on what counts most: borrower experience.

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Indecomm by the numbers

Every year, top mortgage customers trust Indecomm to help them streamline loan processes, including:

Loans Underwritten
Decisions Automated
Audits & Reviews
Documents Processed
Automated Data Extractions

Services for any stage of the loan lifecycle

Whether you’re looking to increase bandwidth or seek a more automated and connected mortgage operation, we have the solutions to help.

  • Automation


    Deliver better, smarter, and faster borrower experiences with mortgage-specific automation solutions that streamline and connect the middle-office

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  • Fulfillment


    Reduce overhead costs and gain control over your internal resources with a scalable fulfillment model built with mortgage industry volume shifts in mind

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  • Underwriting


    Achieve thorough, compliant, and efficient mortgage underwriting with fully-staffed outsourcing solutions

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  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    Manage credit risk, control costs, and gain real time visibility into loan quality with tech-enabled mortgage QC services, powered by AuditGenius

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  • Compliance


    Manage and mitigate mortgage and regulatory risk by tapping into an extensive repository of data, documentation, expertise, and training resources.

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  • Post-Closing Hub

    Post-Closing Hub

    Step up post-closing productivity while gaining valuable business insights with our interactive document management platform plus services

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  • Document Management

    Document Management

    Step up document management and processing productivity while gaining valuable business insights with our interactive document management platform plus services

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  • Trailing Docs

    Trailing Docs

    Proactively track and manage trailing documents while gaining real-time visibility into document status and agent performance

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  • Servicing


    Scale your mortgage servicing operation and improve servicing outcomes with a global delivery model designed for performing and non-performing portfolios

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Meet the Genius Suite

Our innovative technology solutions are backed by some of the industry’s top professionals, who understand the ins and outs of the mortgage lifecycle. Our automation solutions are the connective tissue that bridges the chasm between your front, middle, and back offices.


The Indecomm Promise

We rigorously test our products and guarantee their efficacy, ensuring each product meets and exceeds business and industry expectations.

From our customers

  • From our initial planning sessions through detailed testing and implementation of Indecomm’s external auditing, the Indecomm team has demonstrated an unprecedented service level and attention to detail. My internal QC collaborators and I are thrilled with Indecomm’s professionalism and ‘can-do’ culture.
    Cathy Davidson COO, Gold Star Mortgage
  • Nexera’s relationship with Indecomm and the team there has helped me launch and grow my start-up mortgage bank in an extremely efficient manner. They have helped us with all aspects of the mortgage manufacturing process, including training. Indecomm has also worked side by side with my team to help customize our work-flow to fit their team onshore and offshore. By doing this, it has allowed Nexera to continue to move more tasks of the business to Indecomm.
    Steve Abreu Founder & CEO, Newfi Lending
  • During the pandemic, rapid volume growth was a challenge and we needed to ensure we were keeping to our SLAs and investor requirements. However, partnering with Indecomm and utilizing DocGenius, we were able to overcome those challenges, yielding greater returns as it relates to hold-back release and the J&E population. Indecomm's trailing docs solutions put us at an advantage.
    Daniel Cruz VP, Closing at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp
  • During a recent volume acquisition, we had significant document volumes coming in at the tune of 60,000 documents a month. We had to get them over to investors and were manually scanning, logging, and tracking the files. Considering our resource and space constraints, we decided to partner with Indecomm. The transition to DocGenius and Indecomm was painless and we gained instant capacity, reassigning staff to other areas where we needed support.
    Todd Stiverson VP, Operations at New Rez
  • When looking for a trailing docs vendor, we selected Indecomm's hybrid tech-based solution using DocGenius. DocGenius' robust reporting was a key factor for Silver Hill as it provides accurate insights on a day-to-day basis that informs on document location and status. DocGenius combined with Indecomm's services provided us with the support we needed to maintain productivity, and scalability.
    Nina Hamilton-Lee VP, Operations at Silver Hill Funding

Join the over 200 clients who have partnered with Indecomm over the years

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