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Solutions | Servicing

Compliant, scalable servicing solutions

Scale your mortgage servicing operation and improve servicing outcomes with a global delivery model designed for performing and non-performing portfolios

mortgage servicing operations

Streamlining Mortgage Servicing

Leveraging decades of mortgage servicing experience and powerful mortgage automation, Indecomm’s mortgage servicing solutions streamline and scale your end-to-end servicing operations, improving servicing loan quality and operational efficiency.

Servicing lifecycle support  

Our servicing solutions support performing and non-performing loans of all types and help optimize the process at any phase of servicing, from traditional loan servicing through default.

Mortgage servicing compliance at the center

Whether we are delivering comprehensive servicing portfolio QC or driving process improvements at target areas of your operation, we prioritize compliance, minimizing risk, and ensuring servicing quality at every step. Our servicing specialists are trained to flag risk related to:

  • Federal and state law
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Agency and investor requirements
  • Program-specific guidelines

Manage volume and minimize risk

Scaling your servicing operations while ensuring compliance at the most granular level requires experienced talent, proven processes, and time-tested technology and automation. Indecomm has the solutions to streamline.

  • Augment your servicing operation

    Get a flexible, automation-enabled global delivery model that helps you scale your operation to meet mortgage servicing volume

  • Control servicing costs

    Reduce overhead and fixed costs by shifting to a cost model that enables you to spend proportionally with volume peaks and troughs

  • Improve loan quality and transparency

    Keep compliance at the forefront. reduce defects, and uncover risk with next-generation mortgage QC automation and transparent reporting

  • Streamline and standardize loan boarding

    Streamline and standardize loan boarding into your servicing system leveraging automated data and documentation classification

Improving servicer scalability

Intelligent, tech-enabled and compliant mortgage services that deliver increased efficiencies, costs savings, and improved quality.

Mortgage Servicing QC

  • Reviews include performing and non-performing
  • Review types include: payment processing, credit reporting, escrow, insurance, loan payoffs, loss mitigation, COVID-19 assistance programs, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and collections
  • Identify missing documents critical to mortgage servicing success such as tax, mortgage insurance, mortgage notes, pay histories, letters, statements, notices, and disclosures
  • Meets requirements of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, and RHS
  • Evaluates compliance with federal mortgage servicing statutes such as CFPB, TILA-RESPA, FDCPA, ECOA, FCRA, SCRA
  • Determines adherence with program-specific servicing requirement
  • Reviews MERS servicing procedures compliance
  • Get real-time visibility of your loans as they move through the process
  • Access to a robust suite of real-time reporting and business intelligence


Mortgage Servicing Outsourcing

  • End-to-end global delivery model supporting back-office functions across the servicing lifecycle
  • Supports administrative back-office fulfillment for performing loan functions including loan Boarding, loan administration, escrow operations, cash operations, special loans, loan transfers, and servicing support
  • Supports administrative, back-office fulfillment for non-performing and default loan functions in bankruptcy, foreclosure, and claims
  • Reduces costs with a global delivery model paired with variable-based pricing
  • Delivers extensive reporting, dashboards, and scorecards
  • Provides opportunities to gain efficiency through automation


MSR Transfer Services

  • Leverages document processing, comparison, and extraction automation to expedite MSR transfers and loan boarding
  • Minimized rekeying in information and document restacking
  • Automated QC to identify missing, incomplete or inaccurate data
  • Provides extensive and automation document validation and document-to-data comparison, and doc completion analysis
  • Transfers data and documents seamlessly into the new servicing and doc systems
  • Opportunity to leverage our comprehensive document management system DocGenius


Assignments and Lien Release

  • Converts hard copies of documents into images, prepares, and records Assignments and Lien Releases
  • Documents images of Assignments and Lien Releases available in batch queues accessible to the client
  • Ensures all state and MERS compliance requirements are met
  • Perfects Lien Releases and Assignments according to state compliance timelines which includes drafting, printing, and execution via client-provided signing authority
  • Trending rejection analysis available at the jurisdictional level
  • Utilizes a proprietary application to process recording jurisdiction fee checks thus minimizing county rejections considerably
  • Utilizes both eRecording and mail-away recordings to send to jurisdictions
  • Experienced staff and resources to support the required lien release and assignment tasks
  • Delivers robust reporting and tracking capabilities with analytical dashboards to document status reports along with immediate access to the progress of every file from the start to finish
  • Automates and streamlines lien release workflow, capturing risk, reducing costs and improving turnaround times