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Solutions | Underwriting

Delivering deep expertise

Achieve thorough, compliant, and efficient mortgage underwriting with fully-staffed outsourcing solutions

Mortgage undewriting
mortgage underwriting team

Expertly efficient underwriting

Whether you need to add to your underwriting team or need to address volume and timeline pressures, Indecomm offers you an underwriting partnership built on decades of experience and proven processes. Our mortgage underwriting services help you quickly ramp up and down, giving you the people, processes, and pricing needed to address volume fluctuations, control costs, and improve the customer experience.

Exceptional talent for exceptional results

Our team of seasoned underwriters provide you with thorough but rapid analyses of income, credit, assets, and collateral, reducing cycle times at every step. We work as an extension of your team, inputting results directly into your LOS. Are you ready for automation-enabled underwriting?

Comprehensive support

  • Support underwriting in the states where we have NMLS licensure
  • Underwriting services and technology integrate with your LOS
  • Covers conventional, jumbo, and non-QM loans
  • Deliver meticulous underwriting analyses of credit, capacity, collateral, and compliance
  • At your request, our teams can further accelerate results using IncomeGenius and DecisionGenius automation.

Expertise for competitive advantage

Our expert underwriters have a meticulous eye for detail, offering you a thoroughly researched underwriting decision on your loan files.

  • Reduce cycle times

    Expert underwriting staff increases productivity and expedites timelines, while maintaining accuracy

  • Get flexible pricing

    We offer a flexible variable pricing model to improve cost predictability and minimize over-hiring risk

  • Achieve expert risk analyses

    We deploy subject matter experts to provide in-depth analyses, instantly increasing underwriting quality

  • Automate the complex

    When selected, lenders can opt to use IncomeGenius or DecisionGenius which quickly simplifies complex analyses

Complete underwriting services

We address all your underwriting needs within record turnaround times and cover all key underwriting components including borrower creditworthiness, capacity, collateral, and capital.

Mortgage underwriting

  • Review the application and mortgage loan amount including taxes, insurance, HOA fees, and other collateral costs
  • Analyze the borrower’s employment history
  • Calculate the borrower’s monthly income and assets, with the option to supercharge income analyses with IncomeGenius
  • Identify loans and payments that are secured by properties owned by the borrower(s)
  • Analyze the borrower’s credit history for monthly obligations for accurate DTI, public records, and red flags
  • Review property history and servicing pay histories
  • Account for monthly payments such as vehicles, credit cards, personal loans, and student loans along with any child support / alimony payments
  • Review all data validations and verifications populated from the AUS results
  • Evaluate the borrower’s assets in savings and cash reserves
  • Determine if the borrower has investments such as stocks, money market funds, IRAs, CDs, retirement accounts
  • Determine other sources of capital such as loan down payment programs, matching fund programs, and side businesses
  • Identify any assets or property owned that may be used as collateral
  • Review fraud tools
  • Analyze title commitments prior to closing for proper vesting, liens, and clouds in the title


Mortgage Insurance Underwriting

  • Provides both delegated and non-delegated reviews
  • Includes all key mortgage underwriting requirements outlined in the mortgage underwriting tab (credit, capacity, capital, collateral reviews)
  • Reviews AUS conforming, high balance/super-conforming, jumbo, and other non-AUS conforming loans
  • Assesses mortgage insurance application and certificate reviewed along with closing documents (if delegated)
  • Re-underwrites loan to determine if the loan meets underwriting eligibility guidelines and mortgage insurance guidelines, ensuring the loan is in scope for mortgage insurance coverage


Collateral Evaluation

  • Review appraisal to ensure investor guidelines are met
  • Determine the market value of the property via the appraisal
  • Review property condition and impact to the value
  • Leverage comparable property values, collateral underwriter scores, automated valuations (AVM), broker price opinions (BPO), and available market data
  • Request recertification of value to extend appraisal expiration dates
  • Request and review 1004D/final inspection to ensure “subject to” property inspection items have been completed in a workmanlike fashion
  • Proactive resolution for appraisal issues
  • Customized checklists
  • Scorecards and quality analysis


Condo Reviews

  • Determine if a limited or full review of the condo project is required for warranty
  • Covers established, new, newly converted, 2-4 unit, detached (site condo) projects
  • Evaluate Loan-to-Value (LTV), occupancy, and location
  • Assess condo documentation as applicable based upon warranty requirements, including, but not limited to current project HOA questionnaire; master insurance policy; HO6 policy; flood insurance; condo property unit appraisal on FNMA 1073; FHLMC 465 forms; master declaration; master deed; CCRs; bi-laws; articles of incorporation; legal docs for new projects; budget; HOA certification