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Solutions | Quality Control

Innovative quality control

Manage credit risk, control costs, and gain real time visibility into loan quality with tech-enabled mortgage QC services, powered by AuditGenius

Mortgage QA and QC

Meticulous loan reviews

Whether you are a lender, servicer, or investor, Indecomm provides in-depth and meticulous quality control services at the loan level, keeping you in-the-know on risks related to credit, compliance, and collateral.

Innovative mortgage quality control

Indecomm’s QC solutions give you the advantage of expert reviews, the option to leverage AuditGenius technology, or the optimal combination of both talent and tech. Whether you are seeking a more tech-enabled risk management approach, or you require an objective, third-party review of your loans, Indecomm provides you with timely, accurate, and transparent mortgage QC solutions.

Our comprehensive technology and talent

  • Covers pre-fund, post-close, servicing, and secondary market review
  • Adheres to agency regulatory requirements and investor overlays
  • Reviews conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, HECM, and non-conforming products

Quality control + intelligent analysis

Indecomm’s quality control solutions don’t rely exclusively on human analysis. Our experienced review staff has access to Indecomm’s proprietary audit technology, AuditGenius, accelerating the quality and speed of mortgage reviews. This is risk management done right.

  • Improve pull-through rates

    Ensure your loans meet eligibility and insurability requirements, and data and documents are accurate and aligned

  • Power loan performance

    Improve loan salability and reduce costly repurchase risk that can occur from critical defects

  • Drive QC process efficiency

    Streamline and accelerate top-quality loan reviews with QC automation and tech-enabled services

  • Mitigate business risk

    Proactively capture risk and prevent the occurrence of state and federal violations and reputation damage

QC solutions at every step

Quality control services that drive confidence and transparency while mitigating loan risk.

Pre-fund QC

  • Data integrity assessment in your AUS
  • Underwriting and eligibility accuracy
  • 24-hour service level agreement
  • Comprehensive reporting on quality, trends, and defect ratings
  • Data and document review
  • Ability to prioritize loans in the audit pipeline
  • Automated delivery of final audit scorecards
  • Review of rebuttals and missing docs to cure findings
  • Industry-leading turnaround times
  • Efficient and optimized auditing with AuditGenius


Post-close QC

  • Post-closing, early payment default, and denied/withdrawn audits
  • Random, discretionary, and targeted reviews
  • Random sampling or statistical sampling options include selection stratification across loan type, channel, branch, occupancy, etc.
  • Review of income, assets, data, documentation, and appraisal to determine if the loan meets underwriting/eligibility guidelines.
  • All required re-verification, including applicable field reviews, are ordered along with necessary follow-ups
  • Review of partner rebuttals and missing docs to cure findings
  • A comprehensive suite of reporting to track quality, trends, and defect ratings


Servicing QC

  • Reviews include performing and non-performing
  • Review types include: payment processing, credit reporting, escrow, insurance, loan payoffs, loss mitigation, COVID-19 assistance programs, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and collections
  • Identify missing documents critical to mortgage servicing success such as tax, mortgage insurance, mortgage notes, pay histories, letters, statements, notices, and disclosures
  • Meets requirements of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, and RHS
  • Evaluates compliance with federal mortgage servicing statutes such as CFPB, TILA-RESPA, FDCPA, ECOA, FCRA, SCRA
  • Determines adherence with program-specific servicing requirement
  • Reviews MERS servicing procedures compliance
  • Get real-time visibility of your loans as they move through the process
  • Access to a robust suite of real-time reporting and business intelligence


Mortgage due diligence

  • Approved third-party review firm (TPR) by DBRS and reviewed and accepted by Moody’s
  • Provide due diligence on underlying assets and mortgage-backed security to inform loan-level, portfolio, and transaction decisions
  • Analyze a range of asset types including performing, non-performing, non-QM, conforming, fix and flip, scratch and dent, jumbo, and HELOC
  • Evaluate credit, collateral, compliance, data integrity, and property valuation
  • Analysis of servicing pay histories, reps and warrants, data, and documentation
  • Custom due diligence and reporting based on client requirements
  • Assess loans for fraud and compliance