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Solutions | Post-Closing Hub

Complete post-closing solutions

Step up post-closing productivity while gaining valuable business insights with our interactive document management platform plus services

Man managing post closing performance for mortgage lenders

Robust, tech-driven post-closing solutions

There are significant opportunities to streamline mortgage post-closing management to ensure greater efficiencies, reduce costs, improve performance, and expedite turn times. From e-recording to expert support, we help streamline your post-close processes while driving transparency at every phase.

Our U.S. Recordings include mail-away and e-recording coverage

Indecomm’s U.S. Recordings program includes both mail-away and eRecording. With Recording jurisdictions accounting for a large portion of the U.S. population, we developed an extensive electronic recording footprint to ensure our clients take advantage of the opportunity to expedite recording turn times, calculate accurate fees, and provide information on county requirements.

DocGenius for trailing doc transparency and efficiency

Indecomm’s DocGenius is an interactive trailing docs platform that enables proactive follow-up with settlement agents, correspondent lenders, and brokers to ensure that the final steps in the loan process are completed on time to ensure seamless investor delivery.



Post-closing Processes, Streamlined

When you work with Indecomm, you gain an experienced partner and leading document management technology to keep your post-closing processes streamlined and your people performing.

  • Partner with an experienced provider

    Indecomm offers unsurpassed expertise in title and settlement best practices, templates, guidelines, and checklists

  • Improve trailing doc transparency

    Leverage our leading DocGenius platform to gain visibility into document data, filings, and agent performance

  • Meet every document deadline

    Our extensive knowledge combined with our proprietary platforms ensures you meet stringent timelines and county-level requirements while minimizing process errors along the way

  • Improve agent and document performance

    Gain instant visibility into agent/correspondent performance, allowing for continuous improvement and retraining when required.

Complete Post-Close Solutions

End-to-end document management leveraging intelligent technology and expert teams

Post-closing Audit

  • Handles the intake of post-closing packages for imaging, auditing, exception management, and delivery of closed loan documents to lenders within 1 business day.
  • Minimizes handling and multiple touchpoints from notary closing to policy production
  • Provides a seamless transition from post-closing to the recording process and improves turn-times considerably.
  • Custom stacking and auditing of post-closing packages based on lender requirements for timely loan funding
  • Provides real-time status of closed loan package processing
  • Experienced staff and resources to support the post-closing audit requirements per lender

U.S. Recording Services

  • Provide you with a one-stop partner for both eRecording and mail-away services
  • Offers centralized processes and operations with end-to-end handling of the recording process.
  • Includes drafting, printing, and execution via client-provided signing authority for Assignments and Lien Releases
  • Ensures complete nationwide coverage with all jurisdictions via traceable courier
  • Includes electronic recording in nearly 1,400 jurisdictions with over 65% of documents e-recorded
  • Delivers a detailed quality review control at document level and proactive exception handling
  • Proprietary solution calculates fees for all real estate documents, incorporates county requirements, and automates shipping via a traceable courier
  • Delivers extensive reporting on statuses, tracking and recording information along with common jurisdictional rejection error analysis


Trailing Docs

  • Delivers a centralized view of all critical trailing docs
  • Drives a proactive, streamlined, end-to-end settlement process based on expected return date timeframes
  • Provides all document stakeholders with a real-time view of document tasks, timelines, and statuses
  • Performs robust document-level tracking
  • Enables real-time analytics and reporting at the lender/ agent level and across various channels through DocGenius
  • Automates follow-ups for trailing documents via e-mail and live telephone contact
  • Proactively secures receipt of recorded documents and title policies based on the ERD (expected return date) using our extensive data repository
  • Captures performance ratings of settlement agents, correspondent lenders, and broker performance ratings in DocGenius, giving clients the transparency to more effectively manage their relationships
  • Includes client/agent FTP document upload capabilities
  • Integrates fully with loan origination systems
  • No hidden fees -single price per loan




Lien Releases and Assignments

  • Lien Releases and Assignments
  • Converts hard copies of documents into images, prepares, and records  Lien Releases and Assignments
  • Documents images of Lien Releases and Assignments available in batch queues accessible to the client
  • Ensures all state and MERS compliance requirements are met
  • Perfects Lien Releases and Assignments according to state compliance timelines which includes drafting, printing, and execution via client-provided signing authority
  • Trending rejection analysis available at the jurisdictional level
  • Utilizes a proprietary application to process recording jurisdiction fee checks thus minimizing county rejections considerably
  • Utilizes both eRecording and mail-away recordings to send to jurisdictions
  • Experienced staff and resources to support the required lien release and assignment tasks
  • Delivers robust reporting and tracking capabilities with analytical dashboards to document status reports along with immediate access to the progress of every file from the start to finish
  • Automates and streamlines lien release workflow, capturing risk, reducing costs and improving turnaround times