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Tech-enabled Lien Releases: So Simple It’s Genius.

Tech-enabled lien releases. Genius@Work.

Picture this: you’re in the business of mortgage lending, and your customer paid off their loan. It’s a moment to celebrate, but there’s one more task on the to-do list: releasing the lien on the property. Now, you could handle this the old-fashioned way, diving into stacks of paperwork, crossing your fingers, and hoping for a smooth process. Or, you could take a cue from Indecomm’s Genius approach to mortgage operations and simplify.

Enter lien release services—the streamlined, no-nonsense approach to ensuring that all-important lien is released efficiently and in compliance with all the rules and regulations. Here’s how Indecomm can help you cut through the complexity:

Simplicity through Technology and Automation:

Think of Indecomm’s lien release services as your trusted automation-enabled services partner. When you hand your lien release files off to Indecomm’s team, we take the complexity out of the equation with a well-designed workflow, real-time lien release tracking, and by automating pieces of the process. No more drowning in paperwork or sifting through records. Just smooth, efficient, and hassle-free lien releases, enabled by our Genius technology and by our Genius talent.

Risk Management and Compliance:

Our lien release services team knows the regulatory landscape inside and out. The team comprises experts and specialists in post-closing trailing doc management, recording, compliance, and lien release, which ensures that all the necessary documentation and legal steps are taken correctly, reducing the risk of regulatory pitfalls. Indecomm’s lien release team won’t take shortcuts in risk management. With real-time access to jurisdictions, the team can monitor and adhere to all the requirements. Additionally, all release documents are legally compliant with State and MERS requirements. By making sure there are no surprises down the road, the lender avoids costly mistakes.

Cost-Effective Operation:

Your bottom line will thank you. Lien Release services streamline operations and offer lenders and servicers an opportunity to shift to a variable-cost model. This ensures that you are only paying for what you need.  In fact, some of our clients have achieved a 45–55% return when working with Indecomm’s lien release team.  Imagine saving on administrative expenses and avoiding legal fees due to compliance issues. It’s like finding a shortcut that leads to a treasure trove of savings.

Speedy Results:

Time is money. You may find that when managed internally, your team members are spending valuable time on lien releases, which can be a highly manual process. When working with Indecomm, you get a fully-staffed operation with a proven tech-enabled workflow, including automation, document tracking with an expected return date from the jurisdiction, reporting, and more. This means that lien releases are processed faster, benefiting both you and your borrowers, who can clear property titles in a flash.


Indecomm’s lien release services can handle large volumes of lien releases with ease. Our workflow, technology, and teams are well-defined and built to withstand changes in volume.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

When lien releases are swift and accurate, borrowers are happier. Happy borrowers mean good reviews and referrals. It’s like a ripple effect that starts with a smooth experience.

Integration and Reporting:

Our lien release solutions come with real-time access to jurisdictions, providing you with clear, up-to-date reporting. Indecomm’s team can give you detailed and live updates on the progress of your lien release documents, along with the expected return date from the jurisdiction. In addition, this data is used to ensure that our teams release liens on time and with fewer errors!  If the document is not returned within the expected return date period, Indecomm’s research team will review the jurisdiction to ensure the document is recorded or cause of delay.

In a world of mortgage lending complexities, Indecomm’s lien release services offer an obvious solution that is simple, efficient, and effective. Our services help you navigate the intricate paths of lien release with ease, ensuring compliance while saving you time and money. So why make things more complicated than they need to be? Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of lien-release services and enjoy a smoother, more cost-effective lien-release solution.


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