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Transitioning from Traditional QC Services to a Tech-Enabled Solution

Thursday October 12, 2023

1:00 PM EST

On Demand
Webinar: Transitioning from Traditional QC Services to Tech-Enabled QC Solutions

It’s not easy to transition away from the familiar. It can also be scary to embrace new technology. When you choose to move on and modernize your QC function, you sacrifice a few things: high costs, inefficiencies, fragmented QC, and risk.

So why do so many still rely on manual QC? Why are so many reluctant to change? In this webinar, we will break through some of those fears related to embracing technology, explore the opportunity for tech-enabled Quality Control services function, and identify practical ways to trade up so that your QC program can thrive in any market conditions.

• Tech and automation in QC: The good, the bad, and the ugly
• What you sacrifice when adopting a tech-enabled QC services model
• What you gain with tech-enabled QC services
• Keeping your QC professionals focused on quality vs. technology
• How Indecomm defines tech-enabled QC services
• What a successful tech-enabled QC services model looks like
• Why is this approach important in today’s market or any market


• Joy Gilpin,
• Brian Margulies