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Lock Your Rates Not Your Capacity.

Lock your rates not your capacity = preparing for volume in mortgage

As the buzz around declining mortgage rates begins to swell, lenders and servicers are facing a veritable jungle of rate locks, volumes, and customers. Conjuring up the Wizard of Oz, the industry is trekking along its own Yellow Brick Road, where the thrill of increased loan volumes comes with a side of apprehension. This isn’t just about enthusiasm; it’s about readiness and business scalability. When the market returns with volume spikes, the fear of being unprepared can dampen the excitement of growth.

In this landscape, whispers along the Yellow Brick Road point to emerging strategies for lenders and servicers to better manage the beasts of capacity and cost. Here are the three top trends helping our clients tame the wilds of mortgage outsourcing:

1. The Courage of Partnering with Technologically Savvy Outsourcers

The first brave step is ensuring your outsourcing partner is not just technology-friendly but a technophile at heart. The mortgage sector is a beast that never sleeps, constantly evolving with every twist and turn. A tech-savvy partner is your ally, equipped to anticipate market shifts and harness advanced mortgage tech to streamline your operations, leading to faster turnarounds, lower costs, increased productivity, and happier customers. At Indecomm, we frequently pair our services with proprietary “Genius” SaaS and automation, putting your mortgage operation on the path to greater accuracy and efficiency.

Consider the example of Indecomm’s DecisionGenius, a sophisticated tool designed to enhance underwriting analysis by integrating assessments of income, credit, collateral, and assets. Indecomm offers a variety of outsourcing models that leverage the expertise of seasoned underwriters, who utilize DecisionGenius to bolster accuracy, efficiency, and turnaround times. This blend of technology and expertise yields a superior return on investment compared to traditional, full-time employee models, which primarily depend on human judgment and are more prone to errors. Additionally, our innovative Genius platforms and automation solutions empower lenders and servicers to effectively scale their operations without the need to excessively hire staff. With this approach, as your loan volumes grow, you can manage these increases in a strategic manner, avoiding the pitfalls of hire/fire risk. Your outsourcing partner should have a strategy  to scale using both technology and mortgage professionals.

2. The Heart of Intelligent Document Extraction Tools

As you think through increasing volumes, you most certainly should consider the most time-consuming aspects of volume increases and no doubt, mortgage documents take the cake. Indeed, no quest is complete without a heart, and Indecomm’s IDX is the Tin Man of mortgage outsourcing—robust and efficient. This award-winning solution is at the forefront of document-to-data extraction. With IDX, the once-tedious process is not only expedited but also performed with exceptional accuracy.

This leads to significant time and cost savings, facilitating more efficient document processing throughout the entire loan lifecycle. Although the market offers a plethora of AI and automated document solutions, none can match the speed, utility, and accuracy of IDX. Developed using AWS, advanced machine learning techniques, and unique proprietary business rules, IDX stands as a pivotal component of Indecomm’s Genius solutions, setting a new standard in the industry.

3. The Wisdom of Variable Pricing Models

And what of the Scarecrow’s wish for wisdom? It’s found in the strategic adoption of variable pricing models. Unlike static, fixed pricing, a per-loan-file approach provides lenders and servicers with the brains to control costs intelligently. This wisdom is pivotal for strategic hiring and gives a clear view of fixed costs. It’s a pricing model as adaptable as the Scarecrow himself, stretching to fit the size of your operation and the volume of your business.

In conclusion, to harness the power of mortgage outsourcing to scale to meet demand, firms should seek out partners who lead with technology, wield intelligent tools like IDX, and adopt variable pricing. These trends are the brains, heart, and courage of the industry, guiding lenders and servicers through the forest of today’s market to a future that’s efficient, agile, and cost-effective.

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