State License Number License Type
Alabama 21512 Mortgage Brokers License
Arizona 0925433 Mortgage Broker License
Arkansas 104143 Mortgage Broker License
California 01930254 BRE – Real Estate Corporation License Endorsement
California 41DBO-138038 DFPI Residential Mortgage Lending Act License
California 60DBO-129316 DFPI Financing Law License
Colorado None Mortgage Company Registration
District of Columbia MLB409691 Mortgage Broker License
Florida MBR1138 Mortgage Broker License
Georgia 33366 Mortgage Lender License
Illinois MB.6761002 Residential Mortgage License
Iowa 2013-0086 Mortgage Broker License
Kansas MC.0025119 Mortgage Company License
Louisiana None Residential Mortgage Lending License
Maryland 20492 Mortgage Lender License
Minnesota MN-MO-409691 Residential Mortgage Originator License
Mississippi 409691 Mortgage Broker License
Montana 409691 Mortgage Broker License
Nebraska NE409691 Mortgage Banker License
New Hampshire 18815-mbr Mortgage Broker License
New Jersey 409691 Residential Mortgage Broker License Licensed by the N.J. Department of Banking and Insurance.
New Mexico None Mortgage Loan Company License
North Carolina R-167435 Mortgage Origination Support Registration
Oklahoma MB002340 Mortgage Broker License
Oregon ML-5166 Mortgage Lending License
Rhode Island 20163197LB Loan Broker License
South Carolina MB-1303100 DCA – Mortgage Broker License
Tennessee 115798 Mortgage License
Texas None SML – Mortgage Company License
Washington MB-409691 Mortgage Broker License
Wisconsin 409691BR Mortgage Broker License
South Dakota ML.05295 Mortgage Lender License

Exempt Registration

State License Number License Type
Connecticut ER-409691 Exempt Registration
Idaho MIC-7758 Exempt Entity Registration
Indiana * None  
Kentucky None Exempt Company Registration
Maine * None  
Massachusetts None Exempt Company Registration
Michigan 409691 Exempt Company Registration
Nevada 3940 Exempt Company Registration
North Dakota NDER409691 Exempt Company Registration
Ohio None Third Party Processing and/or Underwriting Company Exemption
Pennsylvania 39253 Partially Exempt Mortgage Company Registration
Virginia NRM-57 Exempt Company Registration
Wyoming None Exempt Company Registration

NMLS Consumer Access Site : * Authorized to conduct business per IN DFI & SOS regulators. No license or exempt registration available for indecomm to hold as a 3rd party mortgage service provider. * Authorized to conduct business per ME regulator. No license or exempt registration for Indecomm to hold as a 3rd party mortgage services provider.

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