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Newfi Adopts Indecomm’s GeniusWorks Automation-enabled Mortgage Solution

February 20, 2023. Edison, NJ: Indecomm, a provider of mortgage technology and services, announced today that Newfi, a technology-driven multi-channel lender, has adopted Indecomm’s GeniusWorksTM. GeniusWorks combines Indecomm’s proprietary automation solutions with expert mortgage talent to streamline the three most cumbersome and costly middle-office functions of the mortgage origination process: setup, processing, and underwriting.

By adopting GeniusWorks, Newfi takes its vision to reshape the home buying experience to the next level. Since GeniusWorks streamlines all workflow, processes, decisions, and tasks within the middle-office of the origination process, Newfi associates will have more time to focus on high-value customer engagement initiatives.

“Cutting-edge technology and services like GeniusWorks enable us to focus on what matters most: cultivating relationships with our home-buying customers, reducing unnecessary process burden on our staff, and driving an optimized, efficient, and cost-effective mortgage operation,” said Steve Abreu, CEO at Newfi.

The GeniusWorks solution uses Indecomm’s Genius suite of automation products to automate an estimated 70% of middle-office tasks and processes, reducing manual touchpoints on the part of Newfi associate, and accelerating the underwriting decision. Wherever manual intervention is needed, Indecomm’s experienced staff of processors and underwriters seamlessly pick up from where automation left off.

“We are thrilled to partner with such an innovative, forward-thinking lender as Newfi,” said Indecomm CEO, Rajan Nair. “Newfi is in tune with the GeniusWorks approach which delivers tangible CX gains as a result of downstream digitization, operational optimization, decision transparency, and cost control.”

Indecomm launched GeniusWorks as a way for lender clients to achieve efficient, high-quality loan manufacturing while reducing the burden of vendor management and oversight. For more information about GeniusWorks, visit

About Indecomm

Founded more than 25 years ago, Indecomm blends intelligent automation with deep mortgage banking expertise to deliver groundbreaking mortgage innovations that help businesses optimize operations and achieve competitive advantage. Backed by a 1500-strong global workforce, Indecomm’s automation-as-a-service approach benefits mortgage organizations, enabling them to offer better borrower experiences by streamlining middle and back-office operations.

Indecomm takes an automation-first approach, partnering with large and mid-sized lenders, servicers, mortgage insurers, and title companies to create efficiencies at every phase of the mortgage lifecycle. Specifically, Indecomm products and services leverage robotics process automation (RPA), supervised automation, and machine learning to tackle the industry’s most complex operational challenges. Visit for more information.

About Newfi Lending
Newfi is a multi-channel lender that is setting the standard for efficiency, transparency, and service in the mortgage marketplace. Founded by industry veterans, Newfi is committed to innovation in lending products for both consumers and mortgage brokers under the Newfi Lending brand.