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Audit your loans at scale

Simplify mortgage portfolio risk management, streamline QC, and lower origination costs with intelligent audit technology

Audit Genius

Scaling loan quality audits

Manual and tedious mortgage audits are a thing of the past. Using AuditGenius, you can save countless hours of your staff’s valuable time by automating the most common and specific mortgage QC requirements. AuditGenius:

  • Increases audit efficiencies with around-the-clock audit automation
  • Frees your resources to focus on high-value QC and audit objectives
  • Eliminates mortgage document and data redundancies, speeding review time
  • Instills confidence in the audit process with traceable audit findings
  • Captures loan defects and their root cause, saving you time and money
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The genius behind smart loan audits

AuditGenius extracts data from your borrower, loan, closing, and compliance documents, leveraging cognitive intelligence to compare data and capture errors quickly and accurately. Using AuditGenius, you get a front-row seat to audit task progress in real-time, enabling you to quickly pinpoint troubling trends or prioritize the next steps. AuditGenius:

  • Supports unlimited workflows, audit types, and checklists with a one-time login
  • Delivers a broad and granular view of risk including loan errors, responsible parties, and defect patterns
  • Provides a wide range of reports on various audit types such as pre-fund, post-close, collateral, due diligence, and regulatory compliance
  • Delivers dashboards configured to user roles including executives, managers, supervisors, or front-line associates

The AuditGenius difference

  • Flexibility

    AuditGenius can be set up for many different workflows, with an unlimited number of audit types and checklists.

  • Machine learning

    An integrated machine learning platform reduces time needed to complete document reviews.

  • Root-Cause analytics

    AuditGenius pinpoints defects and identifies the root cause for errors, tracked by individual and by category.

  • Standardization

    Quality review audits are linked together in the pipeline to manage risk with a holistic view across the mortgage operation.

  • Robust reporting

    AuditGenius delivers a wide array of standard reports and users can also create customized reports when needed.

  • User dashboards

    User-based dashboards help to ensure teams are operating consistently toward corporate objectives.

AuditGenius by the numbers

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