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Automate over 70% of mortgage tasks

Improve productivity by employing pre-programmed bots on up to 70% of your repeatable middle-office mortgage tasks


Deploy digital workers to power dozens of processes

Why waste time on repeatable middle-office tasks when you could be prioritizing borrower communications and customer acquisition? Indecomm’s BotGenius is a powerful set of pre-programmed bots that automate middle-office origination workflow by executing the most common, repetitive, and routine processes and tasks. Emulating human-to-computer interaction, BotGenius:

  • Keeps origination agents productive, and moving quickly through the loan process
  • Enables faster, more efficient processing time, generating significant time savings
  • Improves borrower engagement, lowering the mortgage loan abandonment rate and reducing the window of time for competitive shopping
BotGenius automation tasks

The genius behind bot-driven mortgage

Built by mortgage industry experts with first-hand mortgage operations process expertise, Indecomm’s out-of-the-box bots are carefully configured to address mortgage-specific processes and tasks without the need for human intervention. BotGenius works together with your loan origination system (LOS) to automate and complete high-volume tasks and unify workflow. BotGenius automatically:

  • Standardizes and streamlines middle-office workflows such as set-up, processing, and communications
  • Generates disclosures and adverse action communication
  • Verifies and validates third-party reports such as flood, fraud, credit, and appraisal
  • Delivers the benefits without the management burden; BotGenius is completely managed by Indecomm, keeping your technology and operations teams focused on innovation

Calculate ROI with BotGenius Smart Calculator

The BotGenius difference

  • Success-based approach

    We work with you to establish ROI upfront to track benefits realization. With BotGenius, you only pay for successful transactions!

  • Fast implementations

    BotGenius robots are available out-of-the-box and can quickly integrate with your existing origination technology and process

  • No lock-ins

    We doubt you will stop using BotGenius once you start, however, we won't lock you into license contracts, license costs, or expensive upgrades

  • Hands-free maintenance

    Get the benefits without the hassle. BotGenius is managed and maintained through the Indecomm robotics operations center (ROC)

BotGenius by the numbers

increase in productivity per loan
of the tasks in the loan process can be automated
cost savings as a result of expedited processing times

From our customers

  • In less than 6 months after implementing BotGenius, Arc Home automated over 100,000 minutes of manual, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks, releasing that capacity for our team members to perform judgment-oriented work and helping our brokers and borrowers close loans faster.
    Richard Bradfield Chief Executive Officer at Arc Home
  • United Community Bank is laser-focused on keeping the customer at the center of everything we do and constantly looking for ways to improve the borrower experience. With an immediate improvement of 25% in productivity time per loan, we are excited about the successful implementation of BotGenius™ and the positive impact it can deliver to our customers and employees.
    Mike Davies President, Mortgage Services at United Community Bank
  • BotGenius eliminated many of the mundane, manual, and repetitive tasks, giving our Associates time to do what they do best. It also enabled greater consistency around how and when tasks are performed, creating efficiencies over and above the immediate labor cost savings we realized on each Bot. And, as an added bonus: implementation was simple and guided by a project manager.
    Larry Karp MBA Director, IS Mortgage KHovnanian American Mortgage, LLC