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Simplifying income analysis

Automate, expedite, and simplify borrower income analysis in the early stages of the mortgage loan process

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Income Genius

Simplify income calculations for your most unique customers

More and more borrowers are choosing a self-employed career path, creating a need for a more flexible approach to obtaining accurate income analyses. IncomeGenius is a robust tool that automates income calculations for wage-earners and self-employed borrowers alike, allowing you to deliver a consistent experience and faster response times to all your home loan customers. IncomeGenius:

  • Identifies and analyzes data and documents in record time
  • Simplifies document-heavy, complex income analysis
  • Verifies a complete loan file and flags missing data
  • Meets compliance requirements and provides an audit trail
  • Enables a consistent and fast borrower experience

Income analysis so simple, it’s genius

IncomeGenius is a web-based, role-based automation solution that integrates with several top Loan Origination Systems (LOS). IncomeGenius’ machine-learning algorithm and proprietary document reading technology recognize and extract data from an extensive range of document types, delivering an unparalleled scope of analysis that other income tools can’t deliver. Working with IncomeGenius is easy. Once you retrieve the borrower’s documents from the POS, IncomeGenius then:

  • Selects the required documents based on the type of analysis
  • Analyzes extensive data and documents beyond the traditional paystubs
  • Calculates income and delivers a thorough analysis
  • Delivers results to your LOS and via email upon completion
  • Provides a consolidated view of data and documents supporting the analysis

The IncomeGenius difference

  • Capture market share

    With IncomeGenius, you don’t need to turn away business from independent contractors, freelancers, or rental managers with unique proof of income

  • Simplify complex analysis

    IncomeGenius’ algorithms imitate the actions of a human-based analysis allowing you to simplify the most cumbersome tasks related to income analysis

  • Improve the borrower experience

    IncomeGenius integrates with leading loan origination systems to accelerate income analysis, streamline results, and expedite borrower response times

  • Save time

    When the income analysis is done earlier in the loan cycle, underwriters save time on income calculations – allowing them to review more loans in less time

  • Reduce risk

    Using standardized rules and algorithms, IncomeGenius offers a consistent analysis reducing risks related to manual inputs, calculation errors, and fair lending

  • Ensure compliance

    IncomeGenius is compliant with audit requirements and provides a complete audit trail, providing you with a source of truth and documentary evidence of the process

IncomeGenius by the numbers

reduction in time to complete income calculation
increase in underwriter productivity
compliance requirements met and supported