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Solutions | Automation

Automating the middle-office

Deliver better, smarter, and faster borrower experiences with mortgage-specific automation solutions that streamline and connect the middle-office

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automation at the heart of mortgage
automating the mortgage middle

Bringing middle-office automation to the forefront

Over the last decade, the mortgage industry emphasized the customer experience, prioritizing front-end innovations that satisfy customer demand for a digital mortgage experience. And yet, CSAT scores remain low and borrowers still find the mortgage process frustrating. That’s because what happens behind the scenes in the middle office directly impacts the borrower’s experience.

Developing the “digital middle” 

When your middle-office mortgage operations are disjointed and manually driven, it translates to excessive back-and-forth with the borrower, lagging response times, slow underwriting decisions, and lethargic closings. What’s more, middle-office inefficiencies likely mean high per-loan costs, resource constraints, and needless processing errors. That’s where Indecomm comes in.

We’ve made it our mission to automate middle-office mortgage operations —loan set-up, processing, and underwriting— so that what happens behind the scenes serves as a business enabler rather than a burden. 


Driving strategic mortgage transformation

Tech exhaustion has become a central theme for mortgage bankers as building or integrating automation solutions is driving up time and costs rather than alleviating them. Indecomm's automation solutions address this specific challenge. We combine mortgage process practitioners with decades of experience with mortgage technology specialists to ensure that our solutions are specific, pragmatic, easy to use and implement. Our end goal is to ensure our clients get the benefit of automation without the hassle of lengthy implementations and management.

  • Seamless connectivity

    • We develop ready-to-go solutions that are available as SaaS or using our "automation as a service" approach
    • Each product targets specific aspects of the mortgage middle office or can be combined to solve end-to-end challenges.
    • GeniusWorks blends innovative mortgage automation, processes, and human touch to connect your origination operation
  • Automating both the simple and the complex

    • We identify and map mortgage processes and tasks, ensuring that automation is applied where it is needed most
    • We've developed smart bots that automate repeatable tasks so your agents can invest their time in more important areas
    • Our expert mortgage innovation team doesn't shy away from automating complex decisions and analyses. We thrive on it.
  • Expert application of automation tools

    • We take a pragmatic approach to automation, hiring process technology experts with deep mortgage domain knowledge
    • We determine the right technologies to identify both opportunities for improvement and limitations
    • We use robotics process automation (RPA), cognitive intelligence, machine learning (ML), and data analytics technologies

Always innovating for mortgage

We are constantly innovating to meet ever changing mortgage industry needs. While we continue to develop and launch new solutions on a regular basis, here are a few of our existing automation tools that you can leverage today to drive efficiencies in your middle office.

  • Deploys out-of-the-box digital workers to power dozens of processes
  • Creates customizable repeatable, rules-based workflows utilizing smart bots that work within your loan origination system
  • Automates time-consuming, repeatable, and routine tasks with ease
  • Keeps your origination team moving quickly through the loan process
  • Eliminates the need for human intervention
  • Ensures worry-free maintenance from Indecomm


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  • Delivers accurate income calculations on a faster timeline.
  • Runs complex calculations quickly with automatic audit trails that help keep you compliant
  • Simplifies complex income analyses
  • Identifies, evaluates, and analyzes critical data and documents
  • Reduces income calculation time by up to 50%
  • Meets audit and compliance requirements and provides audit trail


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  • Achieves automated, risk-based decisions across income, credit, assets, and collateral
  • Delivers data-driven, cohesive, and comprehensive underwriting recommendations that you can trust
  • Helps underwriters analyze more loans, faster
  • Generates consistent, data-driven underwriting recommendation
  • Reduces time spent on data verifications and validations
  • Syncs documents and data across all process touchpoints


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  • Automates most common and specific mortgage QC requirements
  • Increases audit efficiencies with around the clock audit automation
  • Frees your resources to focus on high-value QC and audit objectives
  • Eliminates mortgage document and data redundancies, speeding review time
  • Instills confidence in the audit process with traceable audit findings
  • Captures loan defects and their root cause, saving you time and money


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