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Rate your Own Risk: A Proactive Approach to Fannie Mae QC Calibrations

Tuesday April 4, 2023

1:00 PM EST

On Demand
Rate your own risk A proactive approach to Fannie Ma QC Calibrations

Fannie Mae will begin conducting QC calibrations this year, adding new layers of risk management to your loan QC programs. The initiative is designed to ensure lenders are staying true to the Fannie Mae selling guide irrespective of market conditions. While calibrations are a necessary part of QC, it does give mortgage organizations the opportunity to approach loan risk management holistically. Gaining visibility into QC program effectiveness and defect trends will enable lenders to reduce risk systemically and proactively through corrective action, and better prepare you for the QC calibration process.

In this webinar, we will look at QC strategies and technologies that drive a more proactive approach and preparedness for Fannie Mae QC Calibrations. Join the webinar and learn more about:

Part 1: Understanding and Assessing QC

Fannie Mae QC Calibration program: Who, What, How, etc.
Assessing your QC risk through the lens of Fannie Mae
Where your QC partner can help

Part 2: Technology as a Calibration Tool

Simplifying access to loan QC data, documents, and portfolio defect patterns
Powering faster reporting and performance insights with automation

Host: Scott Nehring, Client Success and Automation Manager


  • Brian Margulies, VP, Operations-Lending and Quality Control Solutions
  • Rachael Harris, SVP, Product Management