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Trailblazing Underwriting with a DecisionGenius ICE Integration

Wednesday April 19, 2023

1:00 PM EST

On Demand
DecisionGenius ICE Integration Webinar

ICE Mortgage users: volumes will return! But when they return, will you run processing and underwriting in the same way you have in the past? There is another option: DecisionGenius, Indecomm’s ICE integration, offers lenders an alternative to the reactive hire/fire strategy that haunts lenders when market cycles shift. Prepare your organization for the next high-volume cycle. Join the demo Trailblazing Underwriting with a DecisionGenius ICE Integration and learn how a DecisionGenius integration goes beyond “tool” and “tactic” to give you a strategic advantage amid cycle changes.

In this demo, Rachael Harris, SVP of Product Management will outline features, functions, and benefits of DecisionGenius, including:

  • Faster analysis of credit, asset, income, and collateral statements.
  • Improvement in decisioning quality and accuracy as a result of data-driven, intelligent automation.
  • Productivity gains to the tune of 51%.
  • Access to digital audit trails to shield your organization against repurchase risk.

And the time is ripe: Falling volumes really let you examine your tasks and optimize your operations. The winners are:

  • your human talent as they get to rely on an automation suite
  • and your customers!


  • Rachael Harris, SVP Product Management